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Top Tips ~ The Big Day!

Hey, I hope your all well.

I thought I would put together a few Top Tips for the Big Day itself. Things that will help your day run smoothly and make it as enjoyable and stress free as possible!

Top Tips ~

✨ Don't over plan your morning ~ this will inevitably stress you out more when things don't run to the timescale you had hoped. There will always be things happening that you didn't plan for, like flowers arriving, your wedding planner needing a quick word and update, the photographer wanting to capture the moment and so on. Try to have a rough idea of when things are happening and let your experienced team look after the rest.

✨ Bride usually always goes second to last for hair & make up ~ this means that you aren't last and feeling rushed and leaves you free to have that last hour or so to enjoy, take it all in, have a glass of fizz, a few piccies & get your dream dress on with time spare, no rushing.

✨ Bridesmaids & Mums to have an idea of make up

Style, pictures to show me ~ with Bride usually being the only one has a trial. Everyone else's make up will be "go for it" on the day. If you have a brief/colour scheme/look in mind. Brief me at your trial, so I can keep to this as much as possible and not have any awkward conversations on the day. Trust me this really helps, if you feel like someone might want a look very different to how you had planned.

✨ Skincare ~ on the run up to your wedding, I can help advise & point you in the right direction for getting your skin looking and feeling as healthy as possible. For the day itself, keep to your usual routine! Don't change things up, try new beauty treatments or products the night before "even if your having a pamper night". The last thing you want is for your skin to react or flare up on the big day! Keep it simple and to what it's used too. Lots of water to hydrate. Come to have your make up done with a fresh clean face.

✨ Make up before hair, or hair before make up ~ in my 7 years experience as a Make up Artist, it has never really mattered to me which way around it's done. I'm always very careful and mindful of other artists work and will always do my best to keep your hair looking on point whilst I do your make up. Some Hairstylist prefer to do hair first. I'm happy to work with them on this and what works best for you.

Last, but by no means least!

Enjoy your day, take it all in, give yourself the time and space to breathe in every minute of it, it goes so fast!

It's your day, so you have it your way! Have your dearest and nearest there to support you, keep things calm and those who really want your day to be the best day ever!

I'll be there on hand every step of the way to keep things on track. It's my job to get you all ready and feeling fabulous with time to spare, not yours! So sit back, enjoy it all and have a glass of fizz to celebrate, what will be the most amazing day!

Lots Of Love

Rebecca 💛

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